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This is just an assortment of things I am writing. A look into the life of a woman in her early twenties and how she lives in the insanity around her:)

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Sunday, January 06, 2002


This stint is almost over..i am getting ansty...one reason, because it is raining and I, poor law student must rely on the freaking metrobus...also, I want some "you know what" and the person has not yet called back. Yesterday I had to be nice because of his family being at the place...but i think i really have beeen a good girl and am entitled to that today, don't you....Naughty girl, go home and read your Evidence...I think its much easier to concentrate on things when you are taken care of. Men lie, they hate aggressive women..they just fantasize about it, until it actually happens. Hello....maybe I am on overdrive..calm yourself down...This reminds me of the deal with L. back in the day...college..ah...we were soooooo insane back then. This may all be moot, because there is a freaking rainstorm and sh**. ALways messes things up! You KNOW school will still be in session..of course:P
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Sunday, January 6, 2002
-I can't believe I have to stay here for four more hours. I really hate the quiet. Actually, it's better then a bunch of a____holes asking me questions I can't answer and then making me pissed off. I was looking up ski clothes on rei.com....Very nice stuff. Weird that I was born in upstate newyork, the land of snow, and I have never been alpine skiing. I only went skiiing once, and that was crosscountry at Lapland. I wonder why he asked me on that ski trip. Was it to "have fun"? Or does he want to see me more often..I heard thunder or something outside...i hope not. I know the weather is supposed to be crazy here. Hope that is a truck or something.
I played pool again at Babe's. i am really into that. Someday, i will have my own pool table, and impress people..I will be the freakin' woman...or not. He kicked my butt at pool, as always. We saw Vanilla Sky too...a lot of what "David Aames" says about Julie Gianni bothered me (she was played by Cameron Diaz). Yeah, she was a nut, and pushy, but he was totally leading her on. Guys are like that. he should have backed off, or hinted he wasn't interersted, or set her up with someone else, instead of screwing her, calling her, accepting the chicjken soup. It made me uncomfortable, because the situation hit home. it made me wonder about tha person sitting next to me. is that what he thinks? The f-buddy concept is quite a weird one. Twisted. But, it takes two. You just don't really like hearing it, even if you know it...Wow..i guess I have been a jackass to men, as well. Hey, i didn't realize that men had feelings like that (no offense), but I thought that they would love the idea of no strings, etc. However, i suppose it goes to show me, that i can't stereotype me. Ulitmately, some of the are tired of "playing the game" and want to have a happy life with that soul mate, etc...it's just frightening to them. Hell, it is to me, but i am more willing to accpet the...no more eww, boy cooties:) Seriously though. i thought I had a fear of committment, but I blame that perception on that fact that i looked at a person and said, "Oh no." that is not what i want for myself, i can't let thigns stay or deterorate into some sh****!@!
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